Friday, July 30, 2010


Photo: a nice sunflower to brighten up your evening. There are a lot of sunflowers on the shores of the lake this year. The birds appear to have dropped their seeds while feeding. (No bug photo yet).

Wow, it's Friday already. It's been a busy week.

The days have been warm and the nights have been cool. Currently it is 61F outside (16C). These are ideal summer temperatures.

No rain... so if you are away, ask someone to water your garden... if you have one.

There aren't many bugs around or I just haven't been out and about at dusk. I hear the 'OFF' lanterns are good for keeping bugs away. Oh yes, I forgot, the deer flies are out during the day.

So, the question of the week (asked by a few people) is... where is the mini putt? Why hasn't it been built yet? I know a lot of people contributed a lot of cash to that cause and I haven't seen anyone working on it for months... since the screening was laid (was that a few months ago or only a month ago?). I know it only takes about a week for screening to 'settle'. Perhaps we could start by digging some putting holes in the screening? :-) If anyone knows what is going on, email me.

Also I have a retraction (this is cool, I sound like a newspaper now). Bruce has informed me that ... contrary to what people think, he is not in the sun all day. He's there in the morning but when it gets too sunny without some cloud cover, he find shade under a tree. After 1:30 the west side of the Outback gives him shade til about 5:00 pm. That's when he can go back out in the sun. And he ALWAYS uses sunscreen. So I take back what I said that "I have NO idea how Bruce stays out in the sun all day." The question is answered... he doesn't. :-)

On that note, if I state something that is not correct, then email me or leave a message here. This is your blog too. There are a lot of people reading it and I have NO problem if other people leave comments or... opinions... or ... whatever.

Also, Bruce asked me to say: "Maybe you can add a blurb to your next posting telling people to use their gmail address if they want to send their own comments. Just don't make it too long or they'll fall asleep before they finish reading it."


The massage tent has been moved and is now in the bushes to create a more peaceful environment.

Tomorrow!!! Sat 31st is the Horseshoe Tournament. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Cost $5.00 per person. Proceeds to BOSC Entertainment Tent.

Tomorrow evening at 6pm is the 3rd Annual Ribfest. View Flyer for details here: The flyer is a graphic so I can't cut and paste it. Tickets are $20. a person. Menu: ribs, corn on the cob, beans, salad, bread and dessert. Funds raised dispersed as follows: Supplies 40%. Hearts & Flowers fund 10%. Contribution to the completion of providing running water/toilets to the Outback.

Hmmm. I wonder what the Hearts and Flowers fund does. Is there anyone out there who has been in the hospital, or who has lost someone, who received a card or flowers?

Regarding the Outback... why is the Social Committee involved in fixing up the Outback? Where the heck is the mini putt? Shouldn't that be done first? Hey, write in, leave your comments.

I'd also like to thank Stony for teaching new people how to play petanque. He has been out there a few times ... instructing. That is very nice and it makes the new people feel at home here. Thank him yourself if you see him. Usually there are people at the petanque courts in the morning... around 11am? if you would like to join in. Or blow the horn if no one is there (I think it is in the yellow box) to let others know you want to play a game. A couple of short blasts.

On that note, there have been a lot of new people wandering about. It's nice to see the place busy.

I've been working all week so haven't been up the the Clubhouse much... but there don't appear to be any problems with the hot tub, pool, or saunas... so... there you have it.

Words to remember for this week: It's always darkest before it's pitch black...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We lost a park pet last week... boo hoo. Sandy's pet Floyd passed on to a better place. He was 18 and had a really good life. He was particularly fond of laying in my catnip and peeing on my grass :-) He will be missed.

Photo: Red sky at night... over the lake. You can see the fountain in the middle of the photo. We have had some really good sky scenes here recently. Thanks Sandy for the photo! Tomorrow will be a photo of a very strange looking bug ... hint to give me the photo Sandy :-)

Today was HOT!! and humid. I was out in the sun for about 5 minutes trying to get a bit of a tan and couldn't take it. I have NO idea how Bruce stays out in the sun all day.

The lake had a few people in it today but not many. We wandered over to the pool around 8pm and there was only one person in it... it was 86 degrees (30C) and not covered and NO bugs so that is a good time to swim. Only about 10 cars in the parking lot today.

A NEW trailer moved into Helios today... and it was all set up by the end of the day. I'm not saying which trailer as I don't name people in the blog unless I have their permission.

No rain today or last night.

The crickets are here!!! All night long... creeek creeek creeek. Nice.

The snapping turtle has been spotted walking across the lawn between the lake and the river. It is BIG... but doesn't seem to be bothered by people. A word of warning, don't try to touch it as it can stretch it's neck a longgggg way and it has a sharp beak? teeth? Does a snapper have teeth? Doesn't matter, you will lose your finger if you mess with it (grin). (I'm too lazy tonight to google snapping turtle teeth).

Lots of dogs in the lake cooling off. We need a doggie beach on the far (north?) side of the lake so they can play fetch in the water and ... similar stuff that dogs do...

I've had a few comments (in person) about the fact that the blog is NOT too long and a few comments about having a social committee on either side of the lake... now that is funny.

Carry on.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Photo: The sundog at Bare Oaks. Thanks Sandy for the photo! She also sent me more photos of the sky but... you'll see those later as this blog is already big today.

Definition from (go look at that page as the sun dogs there are really cool): A sun dog or sundog (scientific name parhelion, plural parhelia, from Greek parēlion, "beside the sun"; also called a mock sun) is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun. Hey, do you feel more educated or what??!! Sundogs are formed by plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals in high and cold cirrus clouds or, during very cold weather, by ice crystals called diamond dust drifting in the air at low levels. These crystals act as prisms, bending the light rays passing through them by 22°. If the crystals are randomly oriented, a complete ring around the sun is seen --- a halo. But often, as the crystals sink through the air they become vertically aligned, so sunlight is refracted horizontally—in this case, sundogs are seen... et cetera... go read about it if you wish to know more.

The humidity was down this week and it has been between 70F - 80F every day (21C - 26C)... same as last week. So finally we are getting a normal summer. Not like last year where it rained ALL SUMMER.

The rain we have had has been mostly at night except for Saturday when it rained on and off all day.

All facilities are up and running.

Christmas in July was Saturday. There was supposed to be a potluck dessert after the trip around the park to see the illuminated sites but... it somehow got moved from 9:30pm (posted on the Bare Oaks website and on the notices) to 7:00pm... WITHOUT everyone knowing about the change. This is the second time this has happened (I was informed about this today) ... the first time was the Yard Sale. If people plan events they really should stick to the schedule as it has a tendency to annoy those people who show up for the event and the event has already happened hours earlier.

Perhaps we need a social committee for the area past the lake... and one for the area before the lake... eh? While I'm on this rant... why weren't the people in Helios Circle told about the Chinese food event after the Skinny Dip a few weeks ago? Keep in mind for this blog that, what I post here is not just my opinion but the opinions of others too. I was told (when I started this blog) that it could be used for members to give their opinions and I'm sure not going to stand in the way :-)))

Moving on... I heard there were about 20 people at the Bare Bistro for the Christmas turkey dinner plus there was a bonfire at the back where Christmas carols were sung.

Also, I was told today that I write too much in these blog... oh well... quit reading when you get bored (grin). You know who you are. ;-)

I spent a lot of the day chatting with people and found out that most of the people hang out at the lake rather than the pool. On any given day you can see lounge chairs beside the Outback and in the grass all around it. I talked to a few people and they love the peace and quiet ... some were sleeping, some reading, some lunching. Today there were only a few people at the pool (which I find odd for a Sunday) but about 20 people in, or around, the lake.

The 'hogweed' is still there but (according to Kim) it may not be hogweed. The Ministry has been contacted so we will know what it is... when they show up :-). I'll put my money on Kim though as he has some really cool photos of three or four plants that he brought today and I think the one he showed me was Angelica so... stay tuned.

This blog is long enough... more tomorrow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Photo: Dragonflies waiting for a snack.

Another great week at the Park.

Sunny every day, not too hot, not too cool. Not many people here most of the week.

It has been between 70F - 80F every day (21C - 26C).

Did some gardening this week... as it was wayyy too humid to do it the past few weeks. The gardens are thriving despite the lack of water. Everything is growing well... including the grass... which was cut yesterday.

All facilities are up and running.

Just a reminder that this Saturday is Christmas in July. See yesterday's blog.

I was informed that I should not say 'lay out in the sun'. I should say 'lie out in the sun'. Hmmm. Well here is the definition.

intr.v., lay (lā), lain (lān), ly·ing (lī'ĭng), lies.
1.To be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal, or recumbent position; recline: He lay under a tree to sleep.
2.To be placed on or supported by a surface that is usually horizontal: Dirty dishes lay on the table.
3.To be or remain in a specified condition: The dust has lain undisturbed for years. He lay sick in bed.

So... 'lay' out in the sun is correct, as is 'lie' out in the sun. heh heh.

There is a trailer for sale, it is in the overflow tenting area.

There is nothing much to report on but thanks for the reminder to do the blog!

If you want a report on anything, email me.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Photo: The first photo is Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) from a nature site ( The second photo was taken today. It is our very own Purple loosestrife along the side of the creek. Ain't it purdy? Too bad, it has to be removed because the third photo is what happens when it isn't removed (

I'm so graphic :-)

Today was fabulous. No humidity!! Yeah.

It has been between 70F - 80F all day (21C - 26C).

Not many people here and I consider this one of the nicest days of the summer. I even took a shot at laying out in the sun for about 10 minutes before I got bored.

We had a rather large and rather LOUD thunderstorm last night. The satellite did go out at around midnight and didn't come back on for a while.

Dennis was out running around and around and around the park again today. He wears me out.

The hogweed is still alive and well.

This coming weekend is the Sunny Glades Volleyball Tournament, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is near Bothwell which is past London.

This Saturday at the Park is Christmas in July. From the Bare Oaks website: "Everyone decorates their sites like it is Christmas and then a Santa Claus parade with what ever you like to decorate and parade thru the Park to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Prizes to follow and a desert pot luck to follow."

Hmmm, I wonder what I did with my Christmas decorations...

Six more weeks of summer until Labour day so... get out there and do the stuff you said you were going to do this summer and haven't managed to do it yet. You know who you are :-))

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Photo: The first photo is the shoreline before the dead bullrushes were removed. The second photo is the shoreline after it was cleaned up of dead plants. (Read yesterdays blog.) The last photo is Giant Hogweed (see below).

According to all books I have read on algae and keeping a pond 'clean'... you not only have to cut down the dead growth, you also HAVE to remove the debris from the lake. If you don't remove the dead stuff, your lake will use the oxygen it has to try and process the debris... taking the oxygen away from the fishies and other wildlife living in the lake. That's a basic summary... if you want more details, google it. :-)

It is still humid here. I don't know how people can lay out in the sun as it is way too hot for me.

It just finished raining a few minutes ago. It was raining HARD for about half an hour. We still have satellite, internet and electricity so everything seems to be fine. I'll bet the pool is full though :-)

The pool was not very busy today... only about 6 people in at this afternoon. The hot tub had the same amount. People were leaving all day after a very hot Festival weekend. I hear the Bare Bistro was busy ALL weekend. It's nice to have option of buying food here all day, this year. (No brekkie Monday to Friday though.)

I don't have a report on how the FCN annual meeting went today. If anyone knows, feel free to email me. Or email me about any event that you attended this weekend.

Gardening update: ONE Giant Hogweed has been spotted at the park and will probably be removed soon. From Wiki: "Giant Hogweed is a phototoxic plant. Its sap can cause severe skin inflammations when the skin is exposed to sunlight or to UV-rays. Initially the skin colours red and starts itching. Then blisters form as in burns within 48 hours. They form black or purplish scars that can last several years. Hospitalisation may be necessary. Presence of minute amounts of sap in the eyes can lead to temporary or even permanent blindness."

Oooo, scarey. I'm not cutting it down. See photo above.

This is a long blog today...

ONE Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria heh heh) has also been spotted here. Not to worry that will disappear soon. It has to be removed WITH the roots. Within one year it would take over half the lake so... say bye bye. I will post that photo tomorrow as I can see it from my deck.

Temperature now is 68F / 20C. Hmm, it is chilling down.

The lake was not that busy today. In fact, I didn't see a lot of people wandering about. It was cloudy most of the day so maybe that kept people home.

Baby snapping turtles have been spotted in the pond behind the Outback ... they are soooo cute.

If anyone would like an update on anything here at the park, email me. I'll just report about it, I won't mention your name.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Photo: Meadow Blazing Star... up close. All the red bumps down the stem turn into the pink fluffy thing at the top. (Kim is going to kill me for that description :) )

It rained last night!! Only for about an hour but the humidity is less today.

Lots of fried people walking around. By that I mean... very red people. People spent the day at the lake beach, lying on the raft or dock, swimming, frying. Many dogs have been cooling off in the lake. The pool was busy also.

Temperature now is 70F/21C.

I drove around in the golfcart today but didn't see many people so a lot of them were probably at the clubhouse in the New Forest Room.

I heard instructor Nikki did a great job at Yoga this morning... standing room only!!

There are still four geese on the lake but the babies are semi-flying now. The kids who are visiting Bare Oaks seem to have a great time chasing the geese in the kayak and nearly running them down. What fun (<--- that was sarcasm).

Goose One was brought out of retirement today to chase the geese around the lake. (Goose One is the motorized boat that kept the geese off the lake in the spring... along with the dogs (barking at them) and the people yelling at them.) Hopefully chasing them in the boat will annoy them so much that they leave. I spent a few hours picking up goosey poopie last week. For those of you who don't like the poopie, instead of complaining about it, try spending a few minutes picking it up.

I heard a comment today that the edge of the lake that Judy (of Judy and JL) cleaned up looks a LOT nicer than the rest of the lake. The willow trees are growing rapidly too. I'll post a photo tomorrow of the edge of the lake.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Festival... the FCN Annual General Meeting is on Sunday starting at 9:30am.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Photo: A butterfly on a purple cone flower (thanks Judy (of Judy and Dave) for the plant! The butterflies and bees love them.

Haven't done this blog since Sunday as I haven't had any photos. It is difficult to get photos at a nudist park :-) Thanks Sandy for sending me some.

It's been hot all week with one night of rain.

It is very humid now... very very humid... with no rain in sight for the weekend.

Temperature now is 85/30C.

The FCN festival started (officially) today. There aren't as many people here as the volleyball weekend.

Yesterday a full bus went to Hanlan's point. I saw quite a few 'lobsters' returning but I heard everyone (I talked to) had a good time.

The overflow camping area is nearly full. People are on the beach and in the lake even though it is 7:45pm.

I just heard an announcement that an 'Elvis show' is starting at the clubhouse at 8pm.

Did I mention it is very humid?

I was working and out all day so I have no idea how the festival went today... although I did have to wander down to the back at 11am for a shower as the water was off in Helios Circle. There was a kids activity beside the showers ... 'body molds'. Lots of kids were participating and they were having fun!

Another update on the Festival tomorrow. I shall wander around and scope out the situation.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Photo: a dramatic evening photo across the lake.

Very nice weekend... not too hot and not too cold.

Temperature now is 72F / 22C. No rain all weekend.

I hear we had between 170 and 180 people for the Skinny Dip. Yeah!!! Last year there were 95 people. Lots of new people and lots of day people were in the lake. The photo/movie was on CP24 yesterday. I didn't see it though, someone told me.

The FCN festival is this coming weekend, starting on Wednesday. I hear the place is booked solid for the sites with water and electricity but phone as they may have cancellations. There are ALWAYS camping spots available with no water or electricity.

Here is the link to the Festival activities (thanks Catherine and Sandy!)
Click the link (near the bottom) to open the hour by hour Festival events.

Trailers have been pulling in/out all day.

The NUDE bus trip to Hanlan's Beach is on Wednesday. Phone the office (905 473 6060) if you want to attend as you MUST RESERVE a seat on the bus. The bus fills up quickly and it is only two days away. Update: This was sent to me Monday night by Sandy: "Bus is full and they are making a cancellation list." You snooze, you lose. Maybe next year or you could drive there yourself but you won't be able to take your car on the ferry.

I heard there were a lot of park people getting together for Chinese food and a movie (in the park) after the skinny dip last night. Actually I didn't know about it beforehand, I only heard about it after it happened. You would think the people in charge of this event would have posted a note at the office, or posted a note at the gate, or put a note on the Bare Oaks Events website (it's not there, I checked) or let everyone know somehow. This sort of thing has been happening a lot these days... maybe there is a better way for the Social Committee to announce events. Now, just before you say... oooo she's ranting... I only post things like this when I have heard the same thing from at least two other people.

But then, it could have been a private party and you are allowed to have private parties/dinners/BBQ's on your site. :-)

Weather looks good for the next few days.

People are browning up ... with a few people getting really brown :-)

(If anyone has a comment they wish to make, post a comment (the link is at the end of this post). If anyone has an anonymous comment they wish to make or any facts they wish to have posted, email me.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cooler today

Photo: the outback with one of the park pets in the foreground.

Yesterday it was cloudy and muggy most of the day. It also rained Thursday night and a lot of Friday. It's much nicer today and is not that humid.

Temperature is 74F / 23C.

The sun is shining so it will be a great day for the Guinness World skinny dip record which is at 3pm in the lake.

If you are coming here, AND you are participating, day fees are half price.

Lots of people milling about today, lots of trailers moving in either for the day or for the skinny dip.

Everything is open! The pool, the hottub, the lake, the saunas, the lawn for sunning.

Bring sunscreen.

Don't forget the Bare Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all weekend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave!

Photo: This was the temperature on my deck today. 106.7F. My conversion scale only goes to 100F... which is 37.7, so it is probably 39? I have no idea. Yes I know I should be using metric. Oh... well... too bad for you :-)

As you can see by the photo, there is a heat wave here. It is very very hot and hot is sometimes okay if it wasn't for the high humidity. It is difficult to do anything outside due to the humidity. It hits you like a wall.

That said, the lake has been getting a LOT of use. People are constantly swimming around it and floating on air matresses or those long styrofoam sticks... :-)

There was a power outage tonight for a few hours ... and everybody came out of their trailers and socialized. It was great! You could hear people across the lake and actually carry on a conversation with them from quite a distance. It is amazing how much noise that aerator makes when it is on. Still lots of algae in the lake though... but the weather has been really hot so expect to see more. Lots of fishies and froggies.

The deer flies are AWFUL... and they take chunks out of you. The mosquitoes are bad too and very very big. I haven't seen the black flies in a few days. Take your hand zapper with you when you travel around the park. It comes in very handy.

I haven't been to the pool in a few days but it is probably getting a lot of use.

Not many cars in the parking lot when I left at about 11am today. This is the perfect time to get nude but I don't know how long you can lay out with such a high humidity. There is quite a lot of shade around the property so... grab a book and/or sleep on a lounge chair.

Tomorrow... hot... Friday ... hot... Saturday is the day of the World Skinny Dip... or is it the North American skinny dip? We (and a lot of other clubs and organizations) are trying to set a Guiness World record for the most people taking a skinny dip at the same time. Come to Bare Oaks... BEFORE 3pm... as it is at 3pm in the lake. If you participate in the dip, your day fees are 50 percent. If you do not participate, you pay full price so... GET IN THE LAKE AT 3PM :-)))

(Isn't Guiness a beer?)


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Photo: the road from Beckett Circle to the Clubhouse. Sandy has photos for me but I forgot to get the stick from her... oh well... tomorrow is good. By then I may have more news about the weekend...

What a weekend!! HOT with NO rain.

It was in the 90's F / high 30's C all weekend! It even stayed a bit warmish at night. Okay it was in the 60's F at night but that is better than dropping to the 40's F like last week.

There were hundreds of people here... the place was FULL the entire 4 days. The parking at the front filled up quickly, so part of the back overflow tenting area was used (which was full too)... then they had to resort to parking along the road to the back ... which is pictured in the photo above.

There were four volleyball courts set up and the games started at 9am and lasted until 5pm... I think. I have no idea which team won as I didn't go to the ceremonies this evening. :-) I don't play volleyball, too much running and bouncing for me.

Lots of parties at night, fireworks on Friday night, the pool was full, the lake was full ... okay not full but it had a lot of people in it constantly. Tonight there were about 60 people, mostly families with kids, in it around 4pm or 5pm.

Lots of people brought their bikes.

The water went off less often than last year... a few times each day but it was HOT and a lot of people were taking showers due to the volleyball.

The power went off on Saturday at around 7pm but that affected the whole area around the park with about 300 homes going dark. That was probably due to the excessive use of air conditioners in the area... or not... I'm only guessing as Hydro never tells you the reason. It came back on about an hour later. It didn't stop the NASCAR party though as they somehow acquired a generator so they could watch the race... ha ha. Good for them!

There were a few petanque games this weekend but I don't think many petanque people were here... mostly volleyballers... of course. ... and BROWN... they are soooo BROWN from playing volleyball all year.

If anyone wants to give me a report, I'll add it to this one. I can't put photos of the games or... anyone on this blog if they are nude. Besides, I don't have permission so you will have to be satisfied with park photos :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Photo: These are two photos of the path by the lake. They may not make any sense to you but I'm posting them for someone else. So... ignore these photos, tomorrow I will resume the regular pictures of the park. :-) That is... if Sandy sends me some ... ha ha ha.

Today was an excellent day. Loads of people playing volleyball. The lake saw a lot of activity... about twelve kids played in it most of the day.

It was sunny all day with no rain. Not too hot and not too cold.

The pool was busy as were the lounge chairs :-) It was 80F a few days ago but I didn't check the temperature today. The pool has solar heating so was probably more than 80F today. The lake was 78F. The hot tub is open and is 102F.

Fireworks are tomorrow night NOT tonight.

Growers Cider (all natural)... in apple or peach flavors is available at the Bare Bistro. Georgian Bay Dipper Beer is also available. The Bare Bistro restaurant was serving food all day.

I hear there will be lots of campfires tonight. The temperature has gone from 84F to 76F in the past 10 minutes so it may be a tad chilly.

The goose poo has been cleaned off the path and lawns around the lake. It was a nasty job but I got bored this afternoon so... you're welcome. :-)

Tomorrow the volleyball continues. Lots of trailers arrived today so it will be very busy.