Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Photo: The first photo is the pond in front of the clubhouse with the beach in the left, middle... across the pond. The second photo is a closeup of the small beach which the kids use. If you are in the area, feel free to pull the weeds out of the beach :-)

Nice day today... sunny at times but the wind was very cool. Lots of people had long pants and jackets on. I didn't see anyone in the lake today.

This weekend is volleyball weekend!

The temperature now (11pm) is 54F / 12C.

There is a restaurant here this summer so you can order food all day.

I'll wander over to the clubhouse tomorrow and give you a full update on the hottub, pool, volleyball, etc. etc... in the afternoon.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Photo 1: Hungry bee.

Photo 2: Grasshopper sitting on a blanket flower.

Photo 3: Coreopsis.

Photo 4: Blue dragonfly.

Photo 5: A little something for Alice.

Photos: nature at Bare Oaks along the lakefront. Thanks Sandy for the photos! I shrunk them due to the limited space here.

Today started off very humid and then it cooled down. It is now 85F / 30C... a perfect temperature. No rain today.

People were in the lake all day.

Note: the hot tub has been drained as they are going to be putting on an anti-slip surface... probably down the steps. I have no idea when it will be filled again but I doubt it will take long.

Helios circle has outside water FINALLY. Time to wash the green off the trailers... on the north side.

The geese are back but I doubt they will stay long. The babies look like they have a lot of feathers and are almost full grown.

I posted a photo of Mike finishing the floor in the dining room of the clubhouse a few days ago. If you would like a floor installed or any other home improvement done, email him at Or... you could stop him and ask if you are in the park. His trailer (Ruth lives there too... she also helps... although I've never seen her wield an air gun ;-)) is beside James' wayyyyy at the back. I'm not posting the phone number here. Or... you could leave a note on his door... or not. I'm sure he will email me and tell me what to do :-)) ha ha.

Not much happening. I'm waiting for a report on the Ports of Call function...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Photo: Miniputt (golf) area with the screening/gravel on it.

Friday was a nice humid day with a lot of sun. Saturday it rained most of the day and was cloudy. Today it is cloudy with no rain. The temperature right now is 82F / 26C.

Lots of people at the Outback at the moment. Ports of Call went off as planned yesterday and was a huge success. Leftovers were available today at the outback for anyone who was hungry.

I also missed Yoga this morning at 11am as I worked last night and ... slept in... yeah!!

I am guessing there was no petanque game this morning as I didn't hear the air horn.

Gloomy day but people are out and about walking and chatting.

NEXT Thursday to Sunday (the 1st - 4th) is the 4th Annual Greater Toronto Volleyball Tournament here at Bare Oaks. This weekend was the Ponderosa Volleyball Tournament. The weekend of the 9th - 11th is the Four Seasons Volleyball Tournament.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Three photos today: Two photos of Mike finishing the floor in the clubhouse. One photo is better than the other but I couldn't resist the one with him aiming the nail gun at the air hose :-) The floor should be finished by tomorrow. Mike and Ruth did the floor. Excellent job and in only a few days!!! (I have to put smiley faces on people as this blog is owned by Google and they shut sites down with NO notice if there is nudity.)

The third photo is a G8 leader on the way up to Muskoka. Three helicopters per leader. This is the second batch to go overhead in the last half hour. Oooo, how exciting.

Today was slightly windy and humid ... a medium temperature.

It rained this morning at about 7am, for hours. If you haven't been up to cut your grass ... it is going to need it.

People were swimming in the pool and the lake. Lots of cars in the parking lot but only a few people were in the clubhouse.

I don't think Helios Circle will have outside water this year... it hasn't been on for the last few months.

No volleyballers, no petanquers, no horseshoers.

Black flies are out, mosquitos at dusk and DEER FLIES all day!! The deer flies are vicious. Horseflies are big too. There are wayyyy too many biting flies out there... pass me the electric bat...

Tomorrow there will be photos of the gravel on the miniputt course.

Make a note for July 10 (3pm) ... it is the skinny dip day where we will be part of setting a record for the largest number of people to skinny dip at one time in North America.


Photo: the veggies in the veggie garden.

Today was hot and humid. We also had an EARTHQUAKE which lasted between 5 and 10 seconds. Cool. Things were shakin'.

I was told by MANY people that we were going to get a storm with rain, hail, tornado warning... blah blah. Nothing happened. We had a very light rain for about 10 minutes... not enough to do much. You people should stop watching the weather channel and go outside more :-)

The oak laminate floor has been laid in the clubhouse. In the main dining room, down the hall and I think they are laying it in the room across from the kitchen. It's nice to get rid of the very old rug. I was told that Mike and Ruth laid the floor and it really looks nice!!!

Belly dancing was fun on Monday night... at the Outback at 7:30pm... every Monday night.

The frogs are very vocal tonight. It has taken 4 years to attract (and keep) frogs in the lake and it is nice to hear them. In case anyone is wondering the lake has green frogs in it ... that is their name... Green frogs. They are the ones that sound like you are clearing your throat.

It also has bullfrogs in it. The wood frogs, american toads and peepers are gone for the season... or they aren't making much noise now. The grey tree frog is still around and the leopard frogs should be here soon. A little known fact... leopard frogs only breed in (or near) water and then they spend most of their time on dry land.

I have a tape that plays all the frog sounds so if anyone wants to hear it, just let me know. A few years back I was a 'frog monitor'... which means I went to specific places and counted the frogs (their sounds, their numbers, etc. etc.) and reported back to the conservation people. Because this sort of thing is being done, they are able to tell which areas are losing frogs, which frogs are disappearing (bullfrogs) and lots of other stuff... but I won't bore you with the details. Hey, it's my blog, I can ramble. :-)

So, just the usual park activities today... kabota going back and forth, garbage being picked up, porta potties being delivered, people sunning at the Outback.

There were a few people swimming around and around the lake today.

No sign of the geese for a few days so maybe they flew off...

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Photo: the boxes in the back field using the 'square foot gardening' concept.

Now you may ask yourself, what is square foot gardening? ( In a nutshell: build boxes 4 feet by 4 feet and put them on the ground, mark out a grid, put in good earth with all sorts of additives, and plant stuff. It is suppose to be 50 percent of the cost of regular gardening, 20 percent of the space, 10 percent of the water, 5 percent of the seeds and only 2 percent of the work. $35. for a 4 by 4 box.

'I'm melting, I'm melting' ... said the wicked witch of the West (or was that North?).

Anyways it has been raining all day. If you don't understand the previous line, go watch the movie 'The Wizard of Oz'.

It was chilly this morning... around 50F / 10C. It is now 73F / 24C.

No one was playing Petanque today... or swimming. I did hear a few people in the lake around midnight last night though. Brave and crazy people :-)

In answer to the question... will the floor in the main dining room be fixed first before the laminate goes down... I don't know. I might wander over today and ask someone who may be in charge :-)

Not much going on today.

Yesterday... I was emailed and told that Dee was working on weeding the beach by the kids playground out front. Excellent! Thanks Dee. Now, if anyone has some extra time, the beach is still in need of more work.

Still raining... may... need... ark... soon...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Photo: A few photos of the river that runs through the park.

What a day!!! It was HOT and lots of people were at the park.

I have been told that there were people playing Petanque Saturday around 1pm. There were also people playing today for most of the afternoon.

The lake was very busy today too. Swimmers... rafters... kayakers... pedalboaters...

Seems there was a dance party at the Outback last night until about midnight. Yesssssss!! It is nice to see people using the Outback. :-)) Not much noise was made but if you were to make noise... that is the place to do it.

How's the jam Bruce? (grin)

The pool area was busy with a few regulars and a lot of day people. The lawns were dotted with people in chairs... getting a tan and relaxing.

I hear that some sort of long table and sink(s?) is going to be installed behind the washrooms in Beckett Circle. This will give the campers a place to do dishes and such. After I heard that... a few of us got busy 'relocating' the flowers/plants in that area. (Thanks Kim and Wendy!). We also left Judy a plant ... beside the back of her trailer. It needs to be planted soon, first thing in the morning would be good. It didn't like being ripped out of it's nice bed, it was wilting fast. Watering didn't seem to help so if it dies... I'll just have to blame Kim (ha ha ha). (I could be in trouble now...)

I took a tour around the park today and a lot of people are moving decks, landscaping their lots, cutting grass. Busy busy.

There are 2 new charcoal BBQ's at the back near the washrooms ... to be used by people who don't have BBQ's with them. I only saw two but I heard there are two more at the front, near the Clubhouse, near the children's playground.

The miniputt course has screening (small stones) on it now. It is on the other side of the front pond.

The inside restaurant seating area is going to have laminate flooring installed fairly soon... so that area is not being used for meals until the flooring is down.

I saw a lot of people today that I haven't seen in a while... chatting here, chatting there, chatting, chatting, everywhere :-)

I'm so poetic, eh?

Carry on...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Photo: The willows along the path near the Outback.

Today was HOT and humid. It was cloudy this morning but cleared up.

It has been cool at night for the past several days. Tonight it is 52F (10C).

It was supposed to rain tonight but... it didn't.

Haven't seen many people wandering around. No petanque game today, maybe there will be one tomorrow.

Don't forget, Yoga at the Outback at 11am tomorrow morning (Sunday). No other event on this weekend.

I hear a lot of saws going during the day so people must be fixing their places, or cutting trees... or building stuff.

I can't report on the pool temperature as I've been working long hours and haven't made it up to the Clubhouse over the past 3 days.

I haven't seen anyone in the lake this week... maybe it is too cold? The baby geese have their feathers now so should be getting flying lessons soon.

If anyone is interested in strawberries... go to Brooks Farms. Drive south on Kennedy, left on Mount Albert road then drive past Mount Albert until you reach the town line (you have to turn either right or left here). The road jogs to the left and the first farm on the left is Brooks Farms. It's only one or two minutes drive past Mt. Albert. They have HUGE berries and easy picking. I picked 6 flats on Friday and made jam... mmmmmmmm. They are good for smoothies too!

Next weekend is the Ponderosa volleyball tournament on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

At this park, the Progressive Ports of Call Luncheon is on Saturday, June 26, from 1pm – 4pm. Where: Beckett Circle amd the Outback. There will be four ports situated around Beckett Circle, offering HORS D’OEUVRES, FIRST COURSE, SECOND COURSE AND DESSERT. More details:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Photo: Lots of fires as it is chilly here at night.

The weather is dreary. It rained last night... most of the night.

It is 68F here (20C). Cool, very cool. Not much activity.

I hear from Sandy that the pool was 74F on Sunday. Not warm enough for me to swim in as I like it 80F or higher. I will check on it later today.

The internet has been up and down most days. Yesterday it was down most of the day, today it is up. If your internet is down (in Helios or Beckett) phone the office as they may not know.

The concrete pile on the road leading into the back circle has been moved so it looks a lot nicer driving to the back.

Not much else to report on...


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Photo: Back view of the Outback (2nd clubhouse) and the pond. This pond contains a lot of wildlife including frogs. The frogs give the place a lot of 'music' during the night, they also catch bugs. It has taken years for the frogs to show up again so please do not hurt them in any way. We love our frogs here.

Update on the mandatory nudity (or non mandatory) at the Bare Bistro restaurant. I have heard from one member who had dinner at the Bistro on Saturday the 5th. He started out au naturel but it was getting chilly because the patio is in the shade late in the day. So part way through dinner he got dressed. A few other people came with shirts on. Many of the others were in sweaters by the end of dinner. Nobody asked them to get undressed. So it seems to be weather dependent.

It's been coolish and rainy for the past week (50'sF / 12'sC). This afternoon (Sunday) it warmed up a bit. Now it is cooling down again.
Where has summer gone? :-(

Yesterday was the World Nude Bike Ride in downtown Toronto. Stony, Stephane, Nikki, and Chad were there. If you wish to see photos, go to the Bare Oaks Blog (

There were no petanque games this weekend... what happened to everyone? I was waiting for the horn at 10:00am. For those of you who wish to play Bocce ball. I left a set of balls in the petanque court. You can play Bocce in the court or on the grass. Have fun!

The pool is open with a new solar cover. I don't know how warm it is.

No park events this coming weekend (the 19th and 20th). The weekend following is the Ponderosa volleyball tournament on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Also that weekend is the Progressive Ports of Call Luncheon on Saturday, June 26, from 1pm – 4pm. Where: Beckett Circle amd the Outback. Description: Come join us for a pot luck with a twist. There will be four ports situated around Beckett Circle, offering HORS D’OEUVRES, FIRST COURSE, SECOND COURSE AND DESSERT. You have the option to participate by joining a team & contributing a dish or purchasing a passport. If it is inconvenient for you to join a team and prepare a dish you will still be welcome to join the cruise by purchasing a PASSPORT for $10.00 up to June 21. After June 21, you will only be able to purchase a passport at the first port from 1:00 – 1:30 on June 26 for $15.00. More details:

At Nude Nikki's Nook in the Outback... this Monday will be Yoga Booty Ballet (7:30pm).... Wednesday (7:30pm) Nikki will be leading Tai Chi (not a tape/dvd)... Friday there is also something but I don't know what it is yet. This morning (and every Sunday morning at 11am) is YOGA, which Nikki leads (not a tape/dvd). It is fun!! Come on out. It is not difficult.

Dennis is still running... he is the guy you see running around the park a lot of days... and around... and around... and around... he tires me out :-)

That's it for today... I think.

If you want to know anything or have any comments, email me or leave a comment at the end of this post.

My t-shirt quote for today: I find nothing exciting before 11am.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Photo: Petanque courts are ready to use. Wendy and Kim remove the weeds on a regular basis... thanks guys!!

The temperature has been cool all week... by cool I mean in the 50's 60's F (11 - 18C).

It has rained every day or night for the past week. The grass is greening up and is being cut at the moment by Larry/Gummy.

Still no signs of anything happening on the mini putt course which is on the other side of the front pond. I hear the screening is coming in on Monday. Larry is supposed to be moving it over to the course by Kubota so that should be done next week.

Trailers are coming and going constantly. More permanent sites have been cleared, electricity installed and RV's are now in place.

The Helios Circle group hasn't had outside water for a few weeks now so if you are in Helios and need outside water, hook a hose up to your RV/trailer/park model and use that water.

I have heard the following from many people ... if you wish to eat at the restaurant (Bare Bistro) you are required to be nude REGARDLESS of the temperature/weather. I can't state this as a fact as I haven't seen a sign stating 'mandatory' nudity. I was there for lunch a few weeks ago and wore a t-shirt as it was chilly. Three other people were there... one with a t-shirt, one in a full length sarong, one nude. Stephane passed by the area and didn't seem to have a problem with the t-shirts or sarong so... I have no idea if they have changed the rules in the past few weeks.

Not much happening here... it is cold. That does not stop Dennis from running though ... :-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Photo: Baby geese are getting BIG. The mom is in the front, the baby is behind her. (Thanks Sandy for the picture.)

Regarding the pathway... fergie pointed out that if the people don't walk on the walkway then they must walk on the grass. Well... I guess that's true ... and I guess my brain wasn't engaged when I wrote that comment (grin).

The limestone screening has been put down, leveled and rolled with a golf cart. I rolled it and, yes, I drove the cart on a path AND on grass. The people on the beach threatened to turn me in... ha ha ha. (According to the golf cart rules members (not staff) have to drive on the main roads, not on the grass or pathways.) It looks GREAT now and is a lot harder, and smoother, after the rain last night.

Speaking of rain... it rained a LOT last night and early this morning. Today started off at 50F (10C) and got warmer as the day progressed. It went up to 75F/ 24C but is now back down to 50F.

Yoga today was GREAT... 7 people. Nikki is doing a simple yoga as a lot of people are beginners... so COME ON OUT. It is every Sunday at 11am.

Belly Dancing may, or may not, take place on Monday night (7:30pm). If anyone shows up, just push the play on the VCR as it is all set up.

I hear the pool is 78 degrees. That is warmish... I prefer 80 though.

The beach was very busy on Saturday... it seems the thing to do is to swim AROUND the lake and not just to and from the raft.

If you haven't been here for a while... your lawn needs to be cut. We have had a LOT of rain this week.

If there is anything you wish to know about, email me ( I'll post it here and you will remain anonymous. If you post a comment on the blog, then I will reply to it as I get a copy of all comments in my email.

Carry on...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Photo: Kitty getting out of the heat.

At the current time it is 75F (24C). A nice pleasant temperature.

It has been raining off and on for 3 days... we needed it! The plants are growing wayyyy too fast though.

The screening has arrived for the path so that should be in place by the end of the weekend. If you have barefeet and don't want to walk on the path, use the grass.

Last time I heard the pool was 80 degrees... a few days ago. It has been raining a lot so I'm not sure it is still 80.

The geese are still here and the parents are now teaching the kids how to fly... and dive for food.

Don't forget there are events at the Outback on Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 7:30... and Yoga on Sunday morning at 11:00am. This Monday there will be NO belly dancing as Nikki is going to a graduation class :-))

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain ... rain... rain...

Photo: The daisies are out! You should be able to see a lot of daisies while walking around the park.

It has been raining for about 6 hours now. The grass needs it, the flowers need it and the lake was down a bit so that should recover.

Not a lot of tanning time today.

Belly dancing was fun on Monday night with six women and ONE MALE. He did well so lets see some more guys out next time! Only a few of the women had ever done it before so it was quite amusing at times. Exercise is exercise and we all should get some exercise each day. Walking, biking or ... anything for at least 30 minutes will keep you in shape.

Wood chips have been spread on parts of the roads to keep the dust down. The path in front of the lake has been rolled so screening is next. If you have bare feet, feel free to walk on the grass on either side of the walkway.

The baby geese are very big now so should be developing feather soon. There is no muskrat this year. No sign of the beaver either.

Lots and LOTS of frogs which can be heard all night. The frogs in the lake which make a sound like... GU ... like semi clearing your throat? I can't explain it very well, they are 'green frogs'. The ones that sound like 'jug a rum'... are bull frogs. Please don't harm the frogs as they are good for the lake and very entertaining. Bull frogs are disappearing at a rapid rate in Ontario.

Nikki passed out a flyer this week of all the events that will be going on in the Outback. If you have a trailer here, it is probably in the door of your trailer. Monday (7:30pm) is Belly Dancing, Wednesday (7:30pm) is Tai Chi, Friday (7:30pm) the event varies but this week it is Pilates, Sunday morning (11:00am) is Yoga.

She is doing this after she works all day and on her days off. There will be a tip jar at every event so if you would like to tip her for all these 'free' lessons, feel free to throw in a buck or two :-). I purchased eight rubber balls for Yoga and water aerobics (in the summer)... so we will have props now. There are about 10 Yoga mats available. If you have your own, please bring it. There were ten people at Yoga last Sunday.

Still raining.